Paperless Digital Solutions


This "Life Cycle" of a paper document takes you through   the steps involved in moving you into a "Paperless" digital world! 

 Thanks to our partners, we are able to provide you with a complete "Cradle to Grave" digital solution!  Gill Digital Services provides Facilities Management Services and Staffing for on-site or off-site Document Imaging projects, including the management and servicing of Multi-functional Devices and Services.

        Digital Document Scanning Solutions                                                                                           Convert your existing back files and archival documents and export the digital images into our DMS                 software solution. Gill Digital prides itself on the beginning to end management of document                             lifecycles.   With state of the art capture, distribution and archival solutions, we can create and                       improve  efficiencies thus saving time and money.

Content Management Software Solutions                                                               Content management encompasses a broad range of software solutions within the Gill / Imagenet   team.  HR Onboarding Solutions, Vendor Management Solutions, Invoice Automation for payroll departments that have a large AP clerk staff, Workflow /Process automation solutions.  Free consultation from our solutions team.

Destruction of Paper Related Items                                                                               Once the data is captured, we destroy the original paper and related documents and provide a Certified and Notarized Letter of Destruction.

Copiers And Printers                                                                                                           We represent the top brands in the industry.  Our strong relationships with Samsung, Canon, and Konica-Minolta allow us to offer the lowest costs on your print equipment.  We take the approach that not one size fits all.  Case and point is that our largest clients are well diversified between Samsung, Canon and Konica.  Each having specific technical strategic reasoning for choosing our solution.  Approx. 30,000 copiers/printers under contract through our 15 locations with 8,000 of which are in the DFW area.  We provide first party financing to offer flexibility and customized leasing options for our clients.  Service is still the key to your uptime and satisfaction of digital equipment.  With over 50 years of taking care of clients maximizing productivity, efficiency and device uptime all impacting our client’s bottom line.

MPS – Managed Print Solutions                                                                                      Gain control of your print environment. Our unique end-to-end "Managed Print Services" programs handles all aspects of the printer lifecycle, including hardware, supplies, service, support, parts, software and solutions that influence your employees behavior.  It is mind boggling how much money an organization can save by implementing simple rules on your network that force behavioral change.  Imagine every print released from the internet or outlook mail automatically being printed in black and white.  As well as every print being automatically duplexed eliminating paper waste.  Why waste and throw away half of all paper printed?  Why print google maps in full color at 6 times the cost?  Free consultation of your print environment upon request!

      Samsung Displays                                                                                               Commercial Displays of all sizes, Video Walls, Conference Room Displays with Touch Overlay, Training Rooms and Classroom of the Future, Digital Signage and the management of the content that flows through the displays for branding, messaging, content distribution.  Unique solutions specific to each vertical market! 

      Eliminate Print Servers

            Anyone that is involved in IT and has managed Print Servers knows the amount of time spent on                      scripting, group policy, tech support and troubleshooting.  This is an enormous cost to an organization            that can be eliminated very easily.  Gill/Net offers a software that completely eliminates the need for              Print Servers!

      3D Printing                                                                                                                         Very popular in the engineering, education, architectural firms, 3D printing could very possibly take control of the manufacturing industry in the years to come.  Having great success with oil and gas, engineering, prototypes, prior to going into mass production, many companies prefer to utilize 3D printing that allows them to view the finished product prior to completion.  Drastically reducing the amount of time and money wasted on ideas that never come to fruition! 

      Marketing Services and Fulfillment Services                                                       Provide your Design and printing of packaging, sales, marketing, and presentation materials; Development and printing of marketing solutions, POP displays, brochures, folding cartons, pamphlets, folders, and end item containers; Production and printing of labels, sleeves, pouches, bags, boxes; Ad specialty items, including pens, cups, key chains, apparel, promotional items, etc.; Production of plastic extruded items such as bags, films, and storage containers; Warehouse, storage, inventory, pick/pack, order fulfillment, shipment and reporting; Handwork Specialists, Kitting and Assembly, Pick and Pack, Inventory Management, Re-Packaging, Glue Dot, Tape Work, Hand Gluing, Laminating, Shrink Wrap, Poly Bagging, Inserting, Collating, Pocket Folder Assembly.

      Cloud Storage                                                                                                             Disaster Recovery Solution to a FULL SOURCE for all of your IT needs.  We service small and medium sized businesses whether you are a one man show or a company with 1000 employees we are ready to talk to you.

      Media Preservation and Protection                                                                         Providing digital transfers of all forms of media, film, video, documents, photos, and creates a customized, searchable database preventing the unintentional loss of personal history, corporate history, and government history.

    Offsite Storage of Paper, Media, High Tech Transportation and Storage       Providing a complete range of professional services for Office and Industrial Relocation, Long Distance High Value Products Transportation, Data Center Migration and Relocation and High Tech Storage.

    Electronic Data Storage                                                                                           Providing the development and implementation of dense, Blu-ray multi-tiered optical data storage units and enterprise class digital video recorders. No matter which product fits your application, we can solve your problems in a professional manner from the installation of a particular solution to training end-users and answering support questions, we strive to build a lasting relationship with our customers.

      Destruction of Obsolete E-Waste – All Forms Of Media Content                   Providing on-site, single-source solutions for decommissioning, data destruction and logistics. We eliminate the risk of even a single data breach that could arise during transport from your facility by bringing our Mobile IT Unit to your facility. We provide 100% erasure ON SITE, securely, using      DoD-level certified erasure equipment.

      Financing                                                                                                                         First party financing and terms available!  Flexible and customizable terms and conditions to adapt with our clients.  Our financial strength as a company has been recognized by lenders in the financial industry allowing us the flexibility to better serve our clients. 

Gill Digital offers a COMPLIMENTARY ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT of your current work environment, finding any inefficiencies, refreshing old technology, keeping what is working and implementing a green plan for reducing waste and recycling. 

             What makes us different and unique?               

We are independent consultants, we’re not constrained to one manufacturer's product line and have the freedom to represent only the best products and services to our clients!



We take a damaged document and restore it to its original state.

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